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Use our JSON to XML conversion API and have your tasks done in minutes!

JSON to XML can be a difficult conversion to structure, but we have made it flexible and quick. We offer multiple levels of customization to fit your exact need.

  • 30+ built-in optional parameters
  • Control the design of the output and many other customizations
  • API Design allows you to pass a local file, simple JSON string, or Web URL
  • Extendable to external APIs by passing credentials or OATH
  • Full Documentation and example usage

You must have an API token to call our APIs. You are automatically assigned one upon registering and confirming your email. See our tutorial: Two Methods of API Authentication and Example Use below that demonstrate passing your token to our server. You must substitute your token found in the Account page in place of [YOUR TOKEN]. Also, use your data file name instead of [YOUR FILE], i.e. invoices.csv. All conversion APIs require the infile parameter since it is the data you are converting.
Note that to read from an S3 bucket that requires authorization, you must pass both username and password parameters, and the URL must start with s3://.
There is a 25MB limit on input. You may however zip your input file and use it for infile.

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Resulting curl command:

Parameter Value Type Description Example Use

string This is the input file: raw data, or URL. Choose one of the options of "Local File", "URL", or "Data" curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/csv2json/" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
boolean Include type attributes in XML curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/json2xml?attr_type=" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
string File encoding - if not passed, the converter will attempt to determine the encoding by looking at the first few thousand bytes of the file. Typical values are: utf-8, utf-16. You can see a list of all supported types here: https://docs.python.org/3/library/codecs.html curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/json2xml?encoding=ascii" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
boolean Minimize output curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/json2xml?minimize=1" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
string Password for URL data source curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/json2xml?password=bob&username=bee" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
string Name of "ROOT" key for XML output. curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/json2xml?topname=master" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
string Username for URL data source. This is only used when URLs are the data source. See password also. curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/json2xml?username=johnny&password=xyz" -F "infile=https://www.xyz.com/myinputfile.csv" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"


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