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Let us convert your XML to industry standard JSON!

Quickly convert your XML to JSON and instantly enable easier integration to your software systems.

  • 5+ Custom Built in parameters to make conversions easy
  • Easily change and structure the design of the output file
  • API Design allows you to pass a local file, simple XML string, or Web URL
  • Extendable to external APIs by passing credentials or OATH
  • Full Documentation and example usage

You must have an API token to call our APIs. You are automatically assigned one upon registering and confirming your email. See our tutorial: Two Methods of API Authentication and Example Use below that demonstrate passing your token to our server. You must substitute your token found in the Account page in place of [YOUR TOKEN]. Also, use your data file name instead of [YOUR FILE], i.e. invoices.csv. All conversion APIs require the infile parameter since it is the data you are converting.

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Resulting curl command:

Parameter Value Type Description Example Use

string This is the input file: raw data, or URL. Choose one of the options of "Enter File", "URL", or "Data" curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/csv2json/" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
None Bearer string to use in Auth for URLs curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?bearer=78954237898937598" -F "infile=https://www.data.com/files/inputfile" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
boolean Minimize output curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?minimize=1" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
string Password for URL data source curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?password=bob&username=bee" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
boolean Remove top level root name curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?rmroot=1" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
boolean Remove 2nd level root too curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?rmrow=1" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
None Token string to use for authorization when using URL input curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?token=78954237898937598" -F "infile=https://www.data.com/files/inputfile" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"
string Username for URL data source. This is only used when URLs are the data source. See password also. curl -X POST "https://www.convertcsv.io/api/v1/xml2json?username=johnny&password=xyz" -F "infile=@[YOUR FILE]" -H "Authorization: Token [YOUR TOKEN]"


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